Recommend to use as a primer on Wood surfaces and Wood Floors in moist surroundings (kitchens and bathrooms) particularly pine and other wood tend to develop blue stain.  

  • Interior.

  • Colourless.

  • Priming impregnation for interior woodwork.

  • Also suitable for exterior woodwork if a biocide-free impregnation is required. (i.e. garden furniture, play equipment for children)

  • Preventive protective against mould, blue stain, rot and insects that attack.

  • Free from organic biocides makes them environmentally friendly. Transparent highly water repellent, allows natural moisture movement.

  • Preservative Wood Impregnation is a base coat for wood tending to attract blue stain in moist surroundings like kitchens and bathrooms

  • It complies with EU standards EN46 (protection against wood destructive insects) EN 113 (protection against destructive fungus) EN152 (protective against wood discolouring fungus)

  • To maintain its protective capacity, finishing top coat of Premium Hardwax oil is required within 1 week

  • 1 L covers approximately 8m² Drying time approximately 18 hours.






SAICOS Wood Impregnation Oil