Eco Friendly Floor Finish
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SAICOS's new range of lacquers  is a hard wearing single component lacquer with the advantage of by simply  adding the different supplements to achieve different finishes.


This makes the life so much easier for the  tradesman to avoid stocking different lacquers for individual projects.


Economical, easy to application and maintenance 

Lacquers have a VOC content less than 10% and 1 litre covers 9 m2 (1 coat)


SAICOS lacquers are available in four sheens








2K Hardener

Satisfies the need for a very durable finish in high traffic areas or kitchens


UV Protection

Gives the surface protection and significantly reduces  colour changes caused by UV. 


Extra White

Gives the surface a white finished look but for an extra white floor can be combined with DuoTop Ground coat 3408/ Ecoline Oil Ground coat 3409 eco


Slip Resistant (R10)

Allows the user to improve the slip resistance to 'Sports Floor' standard anti slip R10.


Delayer (Slow Down)

Extends the drying times which could be beneficial in situations with high temperatures and low humidity at certain homes and sites

Pitch Black

Gives the surface a black effect with greater success and allows the wood grain to be shown on the surface


Gives the surface an untreated look and keeps the natural look 





Saicos Lacquer Sheens
SAICOS MultiTop Lacquer
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