The advantages of SAICOS products


All all our products are based on natural vegetable oils and waxes thus making them environmentally friendly with no biocides and preservatives and safer to use on children’s toys. The key attributes of our products are Better Coverage, Deeper Penetration, Quicker Drying Times and Economical.












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The combination of various natural vegetable oils (and waxes) ensure deep penetration into the wood surface resulting in

A long durability of the finish


  • High moisture resistance of the finish

  • Special binders make the finish elastic (adjusting to the movement of the wood), at the same time having a high surface hardness

  • All solvents used by SAICOS are disaromatized white spirit (benzolefree and consequently low odour and odourless when dry), they conform with the purity demands of the European pharmacopoeia

  • No cracking, flaking, peeling or blistering of the finish, therefore easy renovation without prior sanding of the surface

  • High coverage - very good yield (= low price per sqm = very economical finish – saves working time)

  • Comparatively fast drying, compared with other oil based paints

  • Quick and easy to apply

  • No primer, both applications from the same pot

  • Professional users: all SAICOS products are sprayable










Unprotected wood, exposed to sun and rain,

will in the course of time change its structure and colour

  • Sunlight (UV rays) will often lead to an uneven brownish or greyish discolouration of the wood surfaces. Lignin and other substances of the wood surface will be destroyed and decomposed.

  • Rain will wash out the decomposed substances of the lignin, and silver-gray cellulose fibres will be left on the surface:

  • Dirt and micro-organisms will additionally reinforce the graying process of the surface as they will find good growing conditions on the growth promoting rougher wood surface.

  • Changing degrees of humidity (moisture content) of the wood will cause cracking of the wood surface