Why does the same colour stain look so different on different woods?

The finish colour on the wood depends on a range of factors. Mainly due to the type of wood the stain is applied to and the quality of the wood. Also the wood sanding in very important. We always recommend to do a test area before you apply the stain on the floor, to be sure you are happy with the colour on the floor.

I have a floor with bevels and would like to coat it with Ecoline Oil Groundcost. How do I do it?

Coat the bevels with a floor brush and buff it with a white pad

The Coloured oil Groundcoat turned out to be too light. How can I make it darker?

The Oil Groundcoat can be applied again but maximun two coats. Please make sure the first coat is completely dry before applying the second coat.

The Coloured Oil Groundcoat is too dark. Can I make it lighter?

Immediately rub the floor with Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil and lint-free cloth before the colour stain is dry.

Can I change the gloss level of the final coating by polishing?

No this is not possible to do. We have four different sheen levels of Saicos Premium Hardwax oils and Multitop lacqures for you to choose from. However it is possible to change the final sheen if you have finished with Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil.

I have a wood floor in the bathroom/ kitchen. Can I use your finishes?

The floor can be coated as any other floor. However,if there is high moisture we recommend applying Wood Impregnation as the first coat before applying the Hardwax oil. In kitchen areas we recommend that you clean up any spillages (fat, cooking oil and water) as soon as possible as leaving this could damage the finish. Please check our maintenance products for more information.

There are walking marks on my floor. How do I get rid of these?

We recommend our Saicos Wax Care on the floor. Please see the video on how to apply Wax Care.

Can I do a partial repair or renovate the floor?

Yes, this is a main advantage of having a Hardwax oiled finished floor. Simply sand the area in question and apply a fresh coat of same sheen Saicos Hardwax oil. Please refer the techncial data sheet for more information and the video below will demonstarte how to do it.

What should I taken into consideration if I have under floor heating before coating?

The underfloor heating must be switched off 2-3 days before applying Saicos Premium Oils and switched back on at least 8 hours after you have finished coating the floor.

Is Ecoline Groundcoat a stand-alone finish?

No. This is only the colour and offeres no protection therefore, always finish with either Premium Hardwax oil system or with MultiTop lacquers

What happens if I have not applied the recommended material quantity per m2 during appliction?

The floor might look patchy and will not have the level of durabilty you should expect to have with our products. Always apply another coat if you have not applied the correct amount.

Can I mix the colour stains?

Yes providing you mix colours of the same colour range and be able to achieve any unique colour of your choice, Please make sure the tins are stirred well before mixing (solids go to the bottom of the tin) and before before application. (Do not mix colours from different ranges). If you are considering mixing colours please take the time to call us so we can give you the correct advice.

How can I renovate an old oiled floor?

Clean the enire area with Saicos Magic Cleanser and clear water as per the product's instructions., Let the floor dry completly and coat the surface with Saicos Hardwax oil. Please test on a small area to make sure the oils are compatible. The Hardwax oil needs to be applied thinly and evenly with a Saicos oil/wax roller or a spring spatula.

The Floor is still a bit wet/ tacky after the specified drying time. What should I do?

This is mainly due to over application, remember this product goes a long way and the secret is thin layers. Temprature and humidity can play a part in prolonging the drying times. Do not panic it will dry eventually but to aid the drying you should open the windows and doors in the room to ensure air passes over the surface a portable fan (blowing air over the surface) will also help.

There are roller marks after applying Saicos Hardwax oils. What should I do?

If this happens it is the result of not using the correct oil/wax roller to apply the finishes and the floor must be sanded and re-coated after each coating has completely dried.

How do I maintain my Saicos finished floor?

Regularly sweep or vacum the floor. Avoid using household cleaners as these can damage the surface particually if they contain caustic elements or ammonia. We recommend only using Saicos maintenance products to clean and revitalise the finish. Please read the maintenance section on the website for all the information. Avoid using excessive water on the surface.